Our Funding Process

Our Business Funding Process

Receive working capital as quickly as 24 hours from submission of your completed application!



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In order to process your application and provide an approval all that is required is our simple online application that takes no more than 3 minutes and your 3 most recent business bank statements!

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Using 256-bit encryption to verify documents, we ensure your personal information is safe and secure so we can provide the funding to help your business grow while maintaining a sense of comfort about your information!

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We are a small family-owned and operated business. We provide reliable service that you can count on knowing that we are a part of every step of your process.  At 4 pillar funding, our word and trust with our clients is of the utmost importance and something we live by.  We expect our clients to provide the same level of respect and trust with us as we provide with them..


What separates 4 Pillar Funding is our goal to teach and educate our clients about our industry and why alternative lending may be the best option for your business.  We help small business owners understand the risk factors and how they can improve.


At 4 Pillar Funding, we are committed to providing a completely transparent process that provides our clients with all information.  We know that by providing a transparent process, it gives our clients the ability to make the best decision possible for their business.  We also expect this from our clients so we can help them make the best decision possible for their business.


At 4 Pillar Funding, we adjust each option to best fit your business needs.  We understand no two business’s are the same and that many hurdles constantly await small business owners.  We understand that there is no one fit solution that fits all, and we help our clients choose the option that will best help them.